HayPigs!® Strawberries & Cream™ (200g) in Large Collectors Jar
HayPigs!® Strawberries & Cream™ (200g) in Large Collectors Jar
HayPigs!® Strawberries & Cream™ (200g) in Large Collectors Jar
HayPigs!® Strawberries & Cream™ (200g) in Large Collectors Jar

HayPigs!® Strawberries & Cream™ (200g) in Large Collectors Jar

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A Complementary Feed for Happy, Healthy, Small Furries.

Serving up a 100% natural and healthy, luxury treat, that is high in fibre, rich in vitamins & minerals and packed with texture and crunch. A sure-fire winner with your small furries!

Our Strawberries & Cream™ blend is made up of crunchy Strawberry Leaves mixed with Rose Flowers, Red Cornflowers, Parsnips, and some Strawberry Pieces (for an added treat!). Our own small furries go wild for this blend and we (the humans) think it smells simply delicious! Game, set and taste match!


Designed with love, our curated blends of 100% natural treats will have your small furries leaping with joy! Each of our Pig ‘n’ Mix™ collectors jars contain a complimentary forage feed (for your small animal’s diet) that will provide them with added enrichment and nourishment and encourage foraging.

The jar’s yours for keeps and will provide a handy place for you to store your treats. Simply order one of our Eco Refill Bags to keep it topped up!

Eco refill bags available - click here.


Put simply, foraging is the act of searching for tasty things to eat (rather than just having them presented in a bowl) and it’s great for enrichment!

In the wild, small animals do it all the time. Not only does it keep them physically fit, it’s also incredibly stimulating for their brain and senses. As pets, it’s really important that we let our small furries express these natural foraging instincts.

The act of exploring, discovering and eating, all plays a very important role in keeping our precious small furry friends happy and healthy!

  • High in fibre and rich in vitamins & minerals.

  • Packed with texture and crunch.

  • Encourages natural foraging behaviour.

  • Helps wear down teeth.

  • Supports healthy digestion.

Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice & Rats*.

*Please follow the nutritional guidelines for your pet. Do not overfeed.


Feed as a treat as part of a balanced diet. Serve on its own or as a forage topper for hay. The strawberry pieces are a treat and should be fed sparingly (as they are high in natural sugars), try to limit your small furry to no more than 1-2 pieces per day - do not overfeed.

A complementary pet food for small animals. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Why not try mixing a handful of our forage feed into their hay or scatter it around your little one’s abode? Just get creative - the more your little ones have to work for their supper, the more they’ll enjoy it!

Please note; Some treats may need to be given in moderation. Always follow the feeding guides on our labels.


Store the jar in a cool, dry place. Do not place it in direct sunlight.


Strawberry Leaf, Rose Flower, Red Cornflower, Parsnip, Strawberry Pieces 5% Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 10%, Crude Fats & Oils 1%, Crude Fibres 13%, Crude Ash 8%