HayPigs!® Treat Box #01
HayPigs!® Treat Box #01
HayPigs!® Treat Box #01
HayPigs!® Treat Box #01
HayPigs!® Treat Box #01
HayPigs!® Treat Box #01

HayPigs!® Treat Box #01

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Suitable for Guinea Pigs or Rabbits.

A Luxury Treat Box for Your Small Furries, Filled with Joy and Happiness!

Looking to treat yourself or a friend? All of our previous subscription boxes are now available to buy as a one-off. Perfect for completing your set, sending as a gift, or if you fancy having your favourite box again. Includes one of our exclusive art cards.

What's Inside?

  • HayPigs!® Piggy Nom Noms™ - Blueberry & Basil 70g
  • HayPigs!® Tasty Rainbow™ (50g) in Small Collectors Jar
  • HayPigs!® Fruity Salad Mix™ (90g) in Eco Refill Bag
  • Rosewood Little Hearts 100g
  • Little One Yummy Branches with Petals and Grasses Snack 35 g
  • Little One Flower Bowl Treat Toy 140g
  • HayPigs!® Menu Card #01 (Collectors Card)

Did you know that you can buy our treat boxes on subscription? Click here to go to our subscription box homepage.


Guinea pigs or Rabbits.


Subscription Box Back Issue #01 - May23


As lovers of small animals, it is so important that we look after the World we share with them. That’s why at HayPigs!®, we have done all we can to make our subscription box packaging as sustainable as possible. Here’s some of the initiatives we have in place: 

Shipping Box

Our shipping box is made from FSC-certified, sustainably sourced paper from well managed forests. It is printed with non-toxic inks (so is chew safe!) and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper is made from FSC-certified, recycled paper and is fully home-compostable after use.


Our stickers are made with acid-free, FSC-certified paper and are 100% compostable and recyclable after use.

Art Card

Our art card is printed on recycled, FSC-certified paper. It is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.


Got a question for us? Check out our Help Centre by clicking on the red circle with the question make in the bottom right-hand corner of our website page. Here you can search a list of FAQs as well as contact us directly via email or WhatsApp.


HayPigs!® is a UK based, family-run business, on a mission to enhance and enrich the everyday lives of small furries and their humans. We design and produce award-winning enrichment toys, treats and accessories while championing guinea pig welfare and enrichment around the world.