Trixie Water Bottle - XL (500ml)
Trixie Water Bottle - XL (500ml)
Trixie Water Bottle - XL (500ml)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Trixie Water Bottle - XL (500ml)

Trixie Water Bottle - XL (500ml)

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Water is essential for all small furries, so providing them with clean, fresh water is a must. Finding a good water bottle is actually harder than you would first think! Personally, we like these glass bottles, they are sturdy and easy to clean. The bottle clips onto your cage and is secured with a tension spring. In addition, these Trixie bottles come with a small plastic “Floater” (their name, not ours!) that helps you check the water level easily.

The 500ml bottle is perfect for rabbits or if you have a large herd of guinea pigs and what something a little bigger!

  • Attaches securely to a hutch or cage.

  • Stainless steel cap and drinking tube. Bite-proof.

  • Glass bottle with water level markers.

  • “Floater” allows you to easily check the water level.

  • An ideal size for rabbits or large herds of guinea pigs (500ml fill).


Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.


Product dimensions: ø6.5 × 32 cm

Glass bottle length: Approx. 20cm


Before giving this product to your precious small furries, please remove all packaging and retain for future reference. Please check the item regularly for damage and replace it if necessary. 


Instruction for use: Fill the bottle completely and shake briefly so that water enters the drinking tube. At the beginning some drops may form on the drinking tube. However, once a vacuum has formed, this is no longer the case. The water should be renewed daily.

Cleaning Instructions: Your bottle will need washing every few days to avoid the build-up of any dirt or algae. Wash with hot, soppy water. Use a bottle brush to remove any green algae build up on the inside of the glass. Don’t forget to give the drinking tube a rub down too. Once done, rinse off any soap and refill with fresh, cool water when you’re ready to use it again.


Glass, Stainless Steel.