Little One Fruit Mix Snack 200g

Little One Fruit Mix Snack 200g

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This fruit mix is so much more than a gourmet treat for small animals. Bananas are highly nutritious and rich in potassium. Pineapples contain large amounts of carotene, vitamins A and C, various B vitamins, magnesium, chlorine and iodine. Raisins are rich in mineral salts, organic acids and vitamins. Serve this fruit mix as a special treat and be mindful that fruits are high in sugars … watch that waist-line! This product comes in a handy tub too, so you can serve as a treat and then pop the lid back on to maintain freshness!

  • 100% natural ingredients.

  • Tasty treat as part of a balanced diet.

  • Perfect for hand-feeding and scattering.


We suggest feeding these as a treat as part of a balanced diet. 1-3 pieces a day (depending on your pet’s size). Please do not over feed.

These treats are perfect for hand-feeding. Alternatively, try scattering these around your small furries den, they will enjoy rooting them out.

Store in a dry cool place.


Dried banana, dried pineapple, raisin. Analytical constituents: protein – 1.8%; fats – 11%; fibre – 3.9%, ash – 2.0%.