Little One 'Green Valley' Fibrefood for Guinea Pigs 750g

Little One 'Green Valley' Fibrefood for Guinea Pigs 750g

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Suitable for Guinea Pigs

Little One Green Valley feed for guinea pigs is an attractive guinea pig food, which includes a variety of sixty meadow grasses and herbs. Wow – it looks good AND it’s packed full of tasty goodness!

Made using a special cold pressing technology, this feed has preserved all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in its ingredients. Little One Green Valley feed is rich in long-tissue fibres, which will take care of the teeth and digestive tract of guinea pigs.

It is also enriched with fructooligosaccharides - natural prebiotics, which support the growth of beneficial microflora in the gut. The fatty acids ω-3 and ω-6 in this feed can promote healthy skin and thick and shiny fur. Yeast extract, rich in B vitamins, selenium and β-glucans supports the immune system.

This feed contains lots of tasty and healthy ingredients – dried flowers, fruits and vegetables – providing your piggies with an interesting and varied diet.

As an added bonus, it contains NO GRAIN which makes this feed perfect for guinea pigs with special dietary needs, including those suffering from excessive weight and other conditions. Contains no colorants, flavourings, GMO.

Should I give my guinea pig a muesli style feed, I've heard it's bad for them as it encourages selective feeding?

"Our personal opinion (as experienced guinea pig parents) is that criticism of muesli style mixes is a little unfair. Muesli, per say, is not the issue, it can actually encourage foraging and provide added enrichment if it's a good quality mix. Additionally, it's a handy tool for an underweight guinea pig that needs a boost. BUT the problem is if it's overfeed. There's then a high risk of the guinea pig selectively feeding and not getting the right nutritional balance. If a guinea pig is getting 80-90% hay, 5% nuggets, a cup of fresh greens and fresh drinking water daily then it's getting a decent balance. In this case, muesli is a perfectly suitable complementary feed." - Rik, Co-founder of HayPigs!

  • Compete feed. 100% grain free.

  • Made from a variety of sixty meadow grasses and herbs.

  • Cold pressed to preserve all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

  • Rich in long-tissue fibers take care of the teeth and digestive tract.

  • Natural prebiotics support the growth of beneficial microflore in the gut.

  • Omega 3 & 6 provides healthy skin and makes your pets fur thick and shiny.

  • Yeast extract, rich in B vitamins, selenium and β-glucans supports the immune system

  • Contains no colorants, flavorings, GMO.


According to our research (HayPigs!®), most vets recommend a portion size of around 1⁄8 of a cup per adult guinea pig, per day. This is a guideline and the actual amount needed can vary depending on activity levels and other factors. Don’t forget, guinea pigs should always have unlimited access to good quality feeding hay and a supply of fresh clean drinking water.

When changing your guinea pigs food, always ensure that you introduce the new food slowly. Gradually increase the new and decrease the old over a period of approximately 14 days. If switching from a muesli style diet, then increase the transition period to 21-28 days.


We’ve made portion controlling super easy with our new HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ - Mini Food Bowl (which portion controls for you!). Simply fill it to the top for the ideal daily portion for two adult guinea pigs. And it’s tip-proof too! For information, see our product listing.

Want to change things up and provide you piggies with a feeding challenge while they enjoy their pellets? Well why not try giving them a portion of pellets in our HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ - 3-in-1 Enrichment Toy? Great for mental stimulation and lots of fun!


Meadow and mountain grass, apple pulp, sunflower seed meal, linseed, linseed oil, fructooligosaccharides (0.9%), dried pumpkin (1.4%), dried parsnip (1.4%), dried apple (1%), marigold flowers (0.9%), rosehip berries (0.7%), dried zucchini (0.7%), cornflower blue (0.7%), rose petals (0.2%), yeast extract (0.75%) and yucca extract (0.01%). Analytical constituents: protein - 13.5%; fat - 3.5%; fiber - 24%; ash - 6%; calcium - 0.6%; phosphorus - 0.4%. Additives/kg: Nutritional additives: vitamin A - 9393 IU; vitamin D3 - 750 IU; vitamin E - 94 IU; vitamin C - 465 mg; biotin - 620 mcg; iodine - 1,4 mg; copper sulfate (II) - 0,03 mg; sodium selenite - 0,06 mg.