PRESS RELEASE: HayPigs!® devise a cunning plan to save costs


In a dramatic turn of events, award-winning small animal brand, HayPigs!® has decided to switch their attention to hamsters in a bid to lower costs, optimise shipping efficiencies and refresh their brand. Renowned for their love of guinea pigs and for creating a range of circus themed guinea pig enrichment toys, the family business has decided to “take a new direction”.

Co-founder Rik explains; “It’s just not been adding up. With the increase in raw materials, labour costs, shipping and fulfilment costs, it just doesn’t make sense to think so big. We’ve always loved hamsters and in reflection, wonder why we didn’t do this sooner. By shrinking down our entire range to hamster proportions, we’ve estimated we’ll save around 34% in costs.”

Inspired by watching an episode of The Borrowers, the HayPigs!® team will be reducing the size of their iconic Cavy Cannonball, Circus Hidey Hut and Piggy Weightlifter by 40% and changing the word “guinea pig” for “hamster” in all their marketing material.

“To be honest, most people don’t know the difference between a hamster and a guinea pig anyway” explains co-founder Helen, “it’s not going to be a difficult transition. With our own herd of rescue piggies, we’re always being asked ‘How are your hamsters?’ Well, now we can just smile, nod and say ‘They’re great!’”

The new range will be hitting shelves this Summer.

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EDIT: ⚠️DISCLAIMER: This story is not real. April fools!