NEW PRODUCT ALERT: HayPigs!® Launch Gravity-Defying Product to Tackle Hay Wastage


Multi-award-winning guinea pig brand, HayPigs!®, have launched a set of edible stabilisers for their iconic Wheek Wagon – Hay Hopper. The Hopper, a circus wagon themed hay dispenser, is often regarded as the hero product in their much-loved Guinea Pig Circus range. As co-founder and pig-mum, Helen explains, customer feedback and high demand has led to this innovation:

“It’s clear our wagon has been a hit with HayPigs!® fans since we launched it in 2017, but as with all of our products, we are always looking at ways to take them to the next level. Over the years we have had countless reports of what we refer to in the business as, the ‘wagon flop’. This is when a cheeky and mischievous guinea pig (of which there are many), decides to knock the wagon over and eat from it horizontally, rather than use it conventionally in its upright position. Apparently, there’s nowhere for your fluffy chin to rest if your wagon is on its wheels and it is ‘much preferred’ to lay on your belly when eating, rather than waste energy on your feet.”

Chief designer and co-founder Rik picks up the story:

“So, we decided it would be sensible to design a set of miniature stabilisers for the wagon, to put an end to this rather reckless and uncouth practice. They are made out of a compressed meadow grass and are 100% biodegradable and edible. We know your piggies are going to love them to bits!”

The HayPigs!® Wagon Stabilisers come in a pack of 2 and retail for £3.99. Now available from while stocks last.

EDIT: ⚠️DISCLAIMER: This product is not real. April fools!