HayPigs!® Reach New Heights With A Brand New Product Launch!


HayPigs!® are delighted to announce the addition of a brand new enrichment toy to their award-winning HayPigs!® Guinea Pig Circus™ range. The HayPigs!® Tightrope Teeter Toy™ is inspired by a circus highwire and provides guinea pigs and other small animals with a food based treat challenge.

The World’s first tightrope toy for guinea pigs!


“We’re so excited to finally unveil our first product of 2019” said cavy acrobatics expert and co-founder, Helen, “This really is something quite different and we think it will fit in with the rest of our circus range perfectly!”

The Tightrope Teeter Toy™ consists of two platforms with a string cord between the two. By placing a food treat at one end, Rik and Helen discovered that their guinea pigs were more than happy to scamper across the wire to satisfy their bellies.

“To be honest, we stumbled across the idea completely by accident when we spotted one of our resident rescue piggies scaling a narrow branch.” explains Rik. “We had no idea guinea pigs had such a good sense of balance. It was only when we did some further research that we discovered that this hidden talent is perfectly natural and a skill that has simply been forgotten about over time. Remarkably, when you look back at some of the early cave paintings in Peru, there is actually evidence of guinea pigs crossing over bamboo canes to avoid pits and channels dug in the ground for irrigation purposes. Our piggies love their new enrichment toy, once they get the hang of it, you can’t stop them!”

The HayPigs!® Tightrope Teeter Toy™ will retail for £19.95 and is available for pre-order now. Email enquires@haypigs.com for more details or to book a demonstration.

EDIT: ⚠️DISCLAIMER: This product is not real. April fools!