Rest in Peace Nutty, March 2012 - May 2018

🐹😔🌈💔 It's with deep sadness that Helen and I have to inform you of the passing of our favourite little dude Nutmeg (he was 6). Nutmeg, or Nutty as we like to call him, passed away in his sleep last night after a long battle with Osteodystrophy. He was diagnosed with the terminal condition back in September but we were managing his condition with drugs and he was still very much enjoying himself. Yesterday, he didn't seem himself, his breathing was laboured and he was generally lethargic. We feared the worst but he has come through spells like this before and bounced back to health. Sadly, this time it was not to be. Fortunately, we both got to say our goodbyes and are honestly very relieved that he is not in any pain anymore, but it has ripped a hole in our hearts 😢💔.

Nutmeg is the reason HayPigs even exists, he has been a massive inspiration to us both and was such an outgoing, lovable character, everyone who met him adored him. We've never met a small furry with such a human-like personality, he could be stroppy, sassy and grumpy but also incredibly affectionate and loving. We feel so honoured and privileged to have looked after this little piggy for the last 4 years, he has truly changed the course of our lives and will be missed every day 😢💓.

It's time to find Crunchie over the rainbow bridge buddy, goodbye my friend, you are forever in our souls, we love you very much. Mum and Dad Xxx 🐹🎪❤🌈😚 #NutmegtheGuineaPig RIP 🐹🌈

SPECIAL MESSAGE: ❤ Thank you to everyone for your kind words of support at this sad time for our family, we really appreciate your love and guidance. ❤ Nutmeg was very special to us all and will leave a legacy behind him. For everyone who has ever enjoyed playing with a HayPigs!® product, this little guy was the inspiration behind it all, forever our ringmaster. 🐹🎪❤ We decided to bury Nutty in a deep pot so we could create a memorial in his memory 🐹🌈❤. We laid him on some tasty fresh hay with some of his favourite herbs 🌿 and a clutch of fresh strawberry leaves 🍓. On the top we planted some basil and parsley, we know he would be happy to hear that the other piggies could enjoy a treat on him. It's never easy losing a pet that you hold so dear, but we're so glad we had a plan this time around and found a fitting way to say goodbye. Love you Nutty 😚