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HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg
HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg
HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg
HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg
HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg
HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg

HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1Kg

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Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas and other Small Animals

100% TIMOTHY. 100% TASTY.

We love Timothy Hay! It has larger seed heads, leaves and stems than other grasses and is packed full of the good stuff. With its incredible aromas, varied textures and tastes and high fibre content, your small furries will love it too - trust us on that! As well as being great for their digestive systems, the long, crunchy stems will help keep their teeth worn down and minds stimulated.

Hay should make up 80% of a small furries’ diet so make sure you provide them with plentiful amounts of fresh feeding hay daily. Timothy Hay is low in both protein and calcium, so your small furries can have as much as they want. In addition to hay, please also provide them with fresh drinking water at all times, along with small portions of greens and complimentary feeds.


In order to deliver the optimum taste, nutrients and roughage, we only source the finest 1st cut Timothy Hay.

  • 1st Cut, High-Quality Premium Feeding Hay.

  • Eco Bag, 100% Plastic Free, Compostable.

  • High fibre content with varied textures, aromas and tastes.

  • Larger seed heads, leaves and stems than other grasses.

  • Long, crunchy stems, great for dental health.

  • Grown and Packed in the UK. Dust-free.


Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas and other Small Animals.


A bag made for your little furry potatoes that is made out of potatoes – surely a match made in heaven! Yes, that’s right, this bag is made from 100% potato starch and contains no plastic what-so-ever! We’ve gone all out to make the most eco-friendly product we can, from a reusable and recyclable outer box, to plastic-free bags inside!

Once you’re done, pop this bag in your home compost bin and let the microorganisms inside do their stuff. Alternatively, you can put it into your food recycling or garden waste bin.


For piggies, hay is a super food, so give them as much as they can eat. We find that adding additional fresh feeding hay to their dens 3-4 times a day keeps them stimulated and encourages them to forage for it more.

In general, your piggies will only remain interested in feeding hay while it is fresh. We suggest replacing the hay in your hopper or rack daily if they have not finished it all.


Our Wheek Wagon™ - Hay Hopper is the perfect way to present your piggies with fresh and clean feeding hay. Not only does it keep the hay off the ground, but it also allows for multiple piggies to feed at once, which is great for their social well-being.


Timothy hay (100%). Analytical constituents: Crude protein - 9.4%, Crude fat - 2.9%, Crude fibre 37.0%, Ash - 5.0%, Calcium - 0.6%. This is a complementary feed.