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All you need to know about feeding hay to guinea pigs.

Hay for Guinea Pigs

HAY - Top nosh!

There is a reason why we call our piggies the HayPigs!® 

Good hay is excellent for guinea pigs and they love the stuff! The fibres in hay help their digestive system and also wear down their teeth, so it is essential that they get enough of it. At HayPigs!® we provide our  guinea pigs with several different types of grass hay to eat and also use hay as bedding.  Our pigs are particularly fond of Burgess™ Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay, Timothy Hay and Meadow Hay all of which can be bought at most pet shops and online.


Guinea pigs need to eat good quality, fresh hay, daily, and it should account for 80-90% of a healthy pig's diet.


There are many different types of hay available, so do some research and don't just buy the cheapest hay you can find. Avoid straw, as this is sharper than hay and can be dangerous for a guinea pigs, particularly if it pokes them around their eye area.


All hay should be dry, clean and free of dust and mould. Make sure you give you pigs fresh hay every day.  

There's a really good reason we're called the HayPigs!®

There's a really good reason we're called the HayPigs!®


So, need a hygienic, fun and mess free way of presenting your piggies with some scrummy fresh hay?! Well why not check out the HayPigs!® Wheek Wagon!