HayPigs!® celebrates 5 years of trading!

Multi-award-winning guinea pig brand, HayPigs!® is celebrating its 5th Birthday this month. The small animal specialists famed for their eye-catching Guinea Pig Circus range, have gone from strength to strength since being founded by husband and wife team, Rik and Helen Cridland, in 2017. 5 years is a significant milestone for the pair, who feel that they have proved to the pet industry that niche really can work. Rik explains;

“Let’s be honest, how many people thought those loons with the guinea pig circus concept would still be here 5 years down the line?! We’ve always been a bit out there, some say inspired, others crazy, but do you know what, that’s what we love about it, it’s what spurs us on through the tough times and make the highs even higher! We’re so proud to have made it to 5 years and to have enriched the lives of so many small furries and their humans. This is only the beginning!”

It's been a busy 5 years for HayPigs!® launching a number of innovative products in the small animal accessories market as well as a range of treats and edibles more recently. They’ve also appeared on ITV, the BBC and Dragons’ Den, won multiple national awards and seen consistent year-on-year grown. Helen reflects on the journey to date, one which has involved the whole family:

“For those who have met us at trade or public pet shows, you’ll probably have seen at least one of us with a child or animal in our arms! 5 years ago, it was just Rik and I, with a dog and 2 guinea pigs. Now we have 2 businesses, 7 guinea pigs, 1 dog and 2 children - you could say it’s a little “full on”. How have we managed this? I honestly don’t know, but I guess we’re a pretty good team and we just care deeply about what we are doing. HayPigs!® is more than just a nice family business, it’s a force for change. We’re proud of the fact we’ve got people talking about guinea pigs and their welfare needs and perhaps inspired a few others to follow their dreams.”

So what’s next for HayPigs!® and how will they be celebrating?

“It really is an exciting time. As we speak a shipment of our products is on its way to the US which will be a brand-new adventure for us. We’ve also got several new products in development that we hope to unveil this Summer. It’s actually been really fun to get back to our roots, designing and innovating thanks in large part to our faithful test pilots, our own guinea pigs! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. In terms of celebrating, I think we may enjoy a bottle of bubbly in the company of our extended herd (guinea pigs, children et al.). It’s so easy to get caught up on achieving goals and the hitting targets when actually, it’s important to just to celebrate the journey. And what a journey it has been!”