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The HayPigs!® blog. All the latest news from HayPigs!® along with lots of fun and informative information about guinea pigs.

HayPigs!® reach the finals of the SME National Business Awards 2018

Rik Cridland

HayPigs SME National Business Awards 2018.jpg

HayPigs!® is delighted to announce that it has been successful in reaching the finals of the SME National Business Awards in the Best New Business Category.

Reaching the finals of these national awards is fitting recognition for the hard work, enterprise and endeavour shown by husband and wife team, Rik and Helen Cridland and their team of small furries, the HayPigs!®

"We're obviously over the moon to have reached the finals." explains Helen "What is particularly pleasing is that we are up against businesses outside of our sector, so we are flying the flag for the pet trade! We are just crossing our fingers and paws now that we can go all the way and scoop the top prize!"

The awards final takes place at Wembley Stadium on Friday 7th December 2018 and, whatever the result, HayPigs!® will have plenty to celebrate after a stellar first year.

Grass Time for Guinea Pigs - Some Top Tips!

Rik Cridland


 Serious nom nom appeal!

Serious nom nom appeal!

Like many herbivores, guinea pigs love munching on grass! Our HayPigs!® will spend most of the Summer out on the lawn* keeping our grass trimmed. Like hay, grass is great for a guinea pigs digestive system and is also a source of vitamin C as well as many other useful vitamins and minerals. When planning to feed you piggies grass, please consider the following:

- Make sure the grass has not been contaminated by any chemicals or pesticides

- Make sure there is no mould present on the grass and that it looks healthy

- Avoid areas that may have been soiled by other pets or livestock

- Avoid feeding from lawn mower clippings

There are a couple of obvious ways to let your guinea pigs eat grass; bring it to them or find a secure spot to let them eat it straight off the ground. If you plan to collect it yourself (to pop in their run, hutch or cage), please always cut the grass with a pair of scissors and don't just rip it out of the ground. The roots on grass can actually  be harmful to piggies, so please avoid them.

If you are planning to let your guinea pigs forage for their own grass (which they will love by the way!) please bear in mind that they need introducing to grass gradually. To begin with, limit the amount of grass they consume a day or they will very quickly become bloated and may suffer from diarrhoea. Over time, their guts will become more used to the grass and they will be able to eat more. That said, please still provide them plenty of hay throughout the day, regardless of whether you think they've got enough grass to keep them busy munching!

 A secure run or cage with a sealed or covered roof is great for outdoor grass time.

A secure run or cage with a sealed or covered roof is great for outdoor grass time.




Make sure it is warm enough for your piggies to be outside. Feel the ground temperature with your hand, it shouldn't feel cold. Remember your piggies move around with their bodies very low to the ground, if the floor is cold, they will get cold too.


Introduce your piggies to Spring grass gradually so their tummies can get used to it. For example, on day 1 they might have 10 minutes out on the lawn, day 2, 30 minutes, day 3, an hour, day 4, 2 hours etc.


Avoid putting your piggies out on damp grass, this is dangerous for them. Wait until the morning dew has burned off in the sun or rain drops have dried up.


*Please ensure that your guinea pigs are properly secured when foraging outside. A secure run or cage with a sealed or covered roof is essential to protect them from predators and keep them from running off.


Provide your piggies with a cover over at least half of their outdoor run. This can be done with a towel or sheet pegged over the top of it. Not only will this provide them with shade from the sun, but it will also make them feel safer from predators and they will therefore be more active.   


HayPigs!® Launch Dog Treat!

Rik Cridland

Hi guys, we have some very exciting news to share with you; this morning we are officially launching a brand new HayPigs!® product! To find out more, please read our press release:

HayPigs!®, home of the award-winning HayPigs!® Guinea Pig Circus™ and designers of toys, feeders and accessories for guinea pigs and other small animals, are delighted to announce the launch of their brand new healthy dog treat, Guinea Poop™.

Having  received rave reviews for their range of small animal products, this quirky and exciting family run business has decided to branch out into the dog market. MD Rik explains:

"With innovation at the core of our business, we believe we have spotted a real commercial opportunity that has been completely overlooked by the rest of the trade. We believe our new vitimin B rich doggy treats will be a massive hit!"


The secret behind Guinea Poop™ is the production technique which involves a secret recipe developed by their resident small furries. Co-founder Helen explains:

"Having spent a lot of time with our guinea pigs and indeed our border collie, Sansa, we noticed she had a real interest in the piggies backsides. On closer inspection, it wasn't the pigs themselves that she was after, but the poops they produced."

While this may sound a little disgusting for some, research conducted by HayPigs!® revealed that this was happening up and down the country:

"My dog is obsessed with piggy poop. He thinks the guinea pigs are sweet machines." ruledbyguineapigs (

HayPigs!® new dog treat recycles and reuses fresh guinea pig poops and packages them in a resealable, foil lined pouch. 100% organic and packed with vegetable nutrients, each poop is carefully inspected for size and weight before being added to the pack.

While the initial production run began in the UK, demand has meant that HayPigs!® have now approached LA Guinea Pig Rescue for help. They were recently involved in the dramatic rescue of a hoard of over 700 guinea pigs, a record for the US. It is hoped that a joint Anglo American venture will allow harvesting of an abundance of poops from their Californian base.

Guinea Poop™ retails at £3.99 for a 60g pouch. The product is available from April 1st. For more details, email

If you have enjoyed reading our press release and can spare some change to help out the incredible team of volunteers at LA Guinea Pig Rescue we would be very grateful. With all the medical attention, feeding and neutering required, their average weekly bill is currently running at around $1300. We have set up a Just Giving page (below). Any donation, no matter how small, would be greatly received. Have a great Easter wheek-end everybody!

Wheek to you soon!

Helen, Rik, Scarlett Rose and the HayPigs!®


EDIT: APRIL FOOLS! We're sorry guys, as many of you will have guessed, we were fibbing! 🤥😋😘 But we are delighted so many of you embraced our concept, maybe it's not such a daft idea after all...?! 🤔😄😅🤡

Just a little disclaimer; if your dog does eat a few guinea pig poos it shouldn't do them any harm, but it's recommended that you don't let them make a habit of it. Eating copious amounts of piggy poo can make your dog ill if there are any nasties (like parasites or infectious diseases) in it. 👍❤

PATS Telford - Best New Product Award

Rik Cridland



Fresh from scooping the best new product award for the small animals category in the PATS Telford showcase, newcomers HayPigs!® are already looking forward to exciting times ahead, "We're really chuffed to have won this award in our first year of trading." says Rik Cridland, MD and self-proclaimed Ringmaster, "PATS Telford was a wonderful experience and we are really appreciative of the warm welcome we received from the pet trade community. It feels like we are part of one big family already! Thank you to everyone who has supported us to date, it really means a lot. It's been an exhausting experience, but so worth it! We look forward to the exciting journey ahead and can't wait to show you what else we've got planned for HayPigs!®"

HayPigs!® mix of product innovation, quirkiness and good humour, caught the judges' eye after they entered four of their six circus themed launch products into the showcase. Their winning product, the HayPigs!® Piggy Weightlifter™, is said to be the World's first, horizontal, pet friendly, vegetable kebab maker. It provides guinea pigs and other small animals with an enriching food challenge while also entertaining their owners. "The judges were unanimous in their choice of this winning product." said the panel "They felt a fun circus range for small animals was a great addition to the market. The winning product from the range was a novel idea and will provide hours of enjoyment."