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All you need to know about providing water for guinea pigs.

Water for Guinea Pigs

water - Must have!

Providing your guinea pigs with a source of fresh water is essential to help them live healthy and happy lives - it should always be available to them, regardless of whether you have them in their dwelling or out in a run. The best way to supply this water is in special pet bottles attached to the cage. These should feature a solid sipper tube and ball bearing for your pigs to drink from. Although plastic bottles are available, we'd recommend the glass ones as a better investment. Not only are they easier to attach to your cage, run or hutch, but they also last a lot longer and help keep the water cooler.

While it is possible to provide water in a bowl for pigs, there are hygiene issues with this method, so the water does need changing very regularly. For this reason, we believe a bottle is better if your pigs are happy to drink from it.  

Water should be changed each day to keep it fresh and algae-free. At HayPigs!® we find that, even following these rules, algae will build up, so it is important to clean the bottle at least once a week. This can be done simply using hot water, washing up liquid and a stiff bottle brush. Remember to give your bottle a good rinse before refilling with water.


Buy yourself a neoprene bottle cover, these are a great way to keep your bottle cool in hot weather and stop it freezing in cold weather.