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Supporting Rescues

We explain how and why HayPigs!® support guinea rescues and actively encourage people to adopt rather than shop.


Supporting Guinea Pig Rescues & Our Community

As you may have gathered, all of our resident HayPigs!® are from our local guinea pig rescue and sanctuary, Blackberry Patch. We are truly inspired by the awesome work done by so many selfless people the length and breadth of the UK and abroad, giving their time, energy, love and compassion to help look after vulnerable and neglected guinea pigs.

While there are some truly sad and tragic rescue cases, at Blackberry Patch alone, a significant number of guinea pigs are simply surrendered each week when people have 'had enough' of their pet or can't be fussed looking after them anymore. This is so sad and so unnecessary, and as guinea pig lovers, we find it so hard to understand.

So that's why at HayPigs!® we'd love to use our brand as a power for good. We plan to set up a trust to help raise awareness of guinea pig welfare issues, promote pet safety and health, and support some of the fabulous rescue centres and sanctuaries already doing great work.

If you run a rescue centre we'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email and say hello:

If you're thinking of getting guinea pigs we urge you to consider adopting as there are so many guinea pigs out there looking for their new forever home. If we can give you any advice or support, please do get in touch!

If you live in the Essex area of the UK and are looking to adopt, please visit our paw-nters at Blackberry Patch Guinea Pig Rescue and Sanctuary, we cannot recommend them highly enough!