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Our Story

The story behind HayPigs!®, including how we fell in love with piggies and where the idea came from to create the HayPigs!® Guinea Pig Circus™ range.

Our Story

HayPigs!® was the brainchild of husband and wife team, Rik and Helen from the UK. They began their adventure in 2014 when they adopted a pair of male guinea pigs called Nutmeg and Neptune from their local guinea pig rescue and sanctuary. Thus began their love affair with one of the most endearing and characterful critters on the planet - the guinea pig.

On arriving at their new home, Nutmeg and Neptune were spoilt rotten. Their new parents bought them a giant spearmint green hutch and engraved their names on a plaque above the door. They were bought every toy, hidey hutch and tunnel on the market and a large galvanised steel run to play out in the garden. They were very happy piggies and made Rik and Helen very content...

Nutmeg and Neptune at Blackberry Patch Guinea Pig Rescue and Sanctuary, Essex

Nutmeg and Neptune at Blackberry Patch Guinea Pig Rescue and Sanctuary, Essex

Neptune and Nutmeg at home - the original HayPigs!®  (eating grass...!)

Rik and Nutmeg.jpg

...But as toys wore out or were neglected as 'boring', huts fell apart and tunnels got filthy, new, exciting, original products became very difficult to find. This got dad, Rik, thinking... Why aren't there more products available for my piggies? Why isn't anyone coming up with anything new? And why are some of these products so poor in quality? Surely there is a better way?

Well it just so happens that Rik had spent ten years as a professional product designer so was just the kind of chap to find a solution to this conundrum. So he set out to design his own range of guinea pig specific products, designed for and tested by Guinea Pigs™!

Rik and Helen have now adopted a total of 9 guinea pigs, and space permitting, would have more! Spending so much time with piggies has given them great insight into the unique and spell-binding personalities of these fabulous pets!

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to find out more. If you have any questions, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Wheek to you soon!

Rik, Helen, Scarlett Rose and the HayPigs!®