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Our Range

We are delighted to introduce our range of circus themed toys and feeders for guinea pigs and other small animals. Each of our 6 products are completely bespoke and have been designed for and tested by Guinea Pigs!™.

The HayPigs!® Guinea Pig Circus™ range

We are delighted to introduce our launch range of circus themed toys and feeders for guinea pigs and other small animals. Each of our 6 products are completely bespoke and have been designed for and tested by Guinea Pigs!™. While the theme may be novel, we believe we have created 6 highly functional products that all fulfil key needs for you and your guinea pigs:

HayPigs!® Food Craving Tamer™ - Food Bowl

An attractive bowl with some key practical benefits:

It's non-tip

As guinea pig owners know all too well, piggies love to eat with their paws up on their bowl. Many bowls on the market have a habit of tipping over which is unhygienic, wasteful and a little bit irritating to clean up all the time! Our food bowl solves this without the need for a wide base.

It's stackable

As many of us know, homing guinea pigs can be become very addictive. When they look at you with those cute piggy faces, it's difficult to say no! We started with two and now we have six, but we wouldn't change it for the world! That said, this does lead to certain practical problems. For every additional piggy, you'll need extra accessories and extra room to house it all in. That's why having a stackable bowl like ours is a great feature. We've already found the space saving really useful.

It's dishwasher safe

While we tend to hand wash our own bowls, there are occasions when popping them for a quick run through the dishwasher can be a handy option to have. That's why we made our bowl dishwasher safe as an additional feature.

All the products in our range

HayPigs!® Piggy Weightlifter™ - Vegetable Kebab Maker

A fun way to feed your piggies, with a number of key benefits for their health and wellbeing:

It's stimulating

Rather than just giving your guinea pigs food in a bowl every day, why not try something a bit different? The beauty of the Piggy Weightlifter™ is that it provides your piggies with a stimulating food challenge and can be a lot of fun to watch too!

It's interactive

As you will know, when a piggy gets their gnashers around something tasty, they're not for sharing! So place the Piggy Weightlifter in the middle of your little herd and prepare yourself for action! Watch them shift it around, run off with it and play tug of war. Until every last morsel of food has been removed, they'll have lots of fun interacting with the Piggy Weightlifter and one another.

It slows them down!

Yes, this is a very practical solution for prolonging your piggies meal time, and as it's one of their favourite things in the world to do, this surely ain't bad! 

HayPigs!® Cavy Cannonball™ - Tilting Tunnel

A novel toy that stimulates your guinea pig through interaction, play and exercise:

It's chewable

OK, first questions a guinea pig will ask when presented with a new toy, what does it taste of and can I eat it?! It's difficult to break a habit of a lifetime, so expect your pigs to have a nibble, but in reality, they'll probably find there are more fun things to do with the product.

It's a hiding place

Guinea pigs are prey animals, so at the first sign of movement or an unusual sound they may make a dash for cover. This is perfectly natural and providing your pigs with hidey holes gives them comfort and security. Our pigs often seek refuge in the Cavy Cannonball™ although their piggy butts tend to be visible out the back end! Still, it makes them feel safe which is great!

It's a secret place for treats

The Cavy Cannonball™ tube is a great place to hide tasty treats. Level it out and pack a bit of scrummy hay or forage in the middle.  You'll find your pigs climbing up inside it stretching for a yummy bit or two pigs sitting with their chins at either end taking it in turns to lower the tube and get a mouthful. Not only is this a bit of stimulation for them, it also encourages your piggies to interact with the toy and become comfortable with it

It moves!

When our first intrepid explorer pigs actually travelled right the way through the Cavy Cannonball™ tube, they got a little surprise - it moved! This didn't seem to put them off, in fact, it encouraged them to try it again! There is something very satisfying and fulfilling about watching your guinea pigs perform the 'clink-clunk' of the see-saw mechanism and it's even more rewarding when you get it on film!

HayPigs!® Wheek Wagon™ - Hay Hopper

A fun and hygienic way of presenting hay and forage while also encouraging play and interaction:

It's less messy

One of the issues with existing methods of giving your guinea pigs hay is that it doesn't take them long to make a mess! Now we're all for letting our piggies have fun but sometimes pig slaves need a break! The Wheek Wagon™ keeps your feeding hay neatly secured within the hopper and allows them to pull out the hay strand by strand (rather than tipping the whole pile on their heads!). This for example, is great for indoor C&C cages where fleece is used while being equally effective outside in a run when your piggies are playing on the grass.

It's less wasteful and more hygienic

Because there is less hay falling on the ground and being trampled flat, less hay is wasted and the hay in the hopper is kept fresh and free from guinea piggy poops and pees. When feeding on hay, guinea pigs spend most of their time foraging for fresh bits, these are the tastiest. That's why you should always replenish your feeding hay regularly and why piggies seem to show a disinterest in hay that has hung around a while.

It's pet-safe

The Wheek Wagon™ is made from pet-friendly wood and coloured with pet-safe paints. While ultimately your piggies should be more interested in the hay itself rather than the wagon, we appreciate that piggies love to nibble, that's why we took special precautions to make sure it is safe. That said, if you have a persistent gnawer we suggest you take the wagon off them before they destroy the whole thing!

It moves!

Yes, the wheels are not just decorative, they actually work! This adds an added dimension to stimulate your pigs. We've caught our Neptune dragging the wagon along by a strand of stray hay!

It's double-sided

While cage mounted hay hoppers are useful, they are limited and might only allow a couple of guinea pigs to feed at them at a time. The Wheek Wagon™ has the benefit of being double sided. This can allow for as many as 4-5 pigs to use it at once. This is great for social interaction and piggy mischief!

Hay is an absolute winner!

As mentioned all over our website, hay is vital to a guinea pigs diet, in fact it should account for at least 80% of what they eat. That's why finding a good way of providing your guinea pigs with hay is really important.

HayPigs!® Piggy Crash Mat™ - Fleece Bed

A snug haven to cuddle up in that's ideal for lap time petting:

It's comforting

Unless they become very tame, guinea pigs are naturally cautious and even older pigs that are used to being picked up might still squeal when you put your hands around them. So it's important when petting guinea pigs that you make them feel snug and secure as quickly as possible to minimise stress. The Piggy Crash Mat™ is a very handy tool for doing this. As soon as your piggies land in its cushioned centre it will help them feel calm and safe.

It's secure

The star at the centre of the Piggy Crash Mat™ is surrounded by a doughnut shaped padded cushion. This gives your guinea pig a little 'wall' to hide behind or cuddle up against. Rather than being exposed (on a lap pad for example), they get the extra benefit of a mini hide-away to snuggle up in.  

It's perfect for a nap!

Because the Piggy Crash Mat™ is so snug and secure, it makes a great guinea pig bed! Once relaxed, it won't be long until your piggy is curled up and snoozing away!

It's practical

As well as the obvious benefit of reducing the chances of a pee-stained lap, the Piggy Crash Mat™ is also a great way to transport your guinea pigs securely. (Please note this bed is pee-resistant and not pee-proof! If a piggy wants to pee on you, they'll find a way, trust us!) When carried close to the body, the bed naturally curls up a bit to safely cocoon your precious cargo, a bit like a piggy hot dog!

It's not just a lap bed

The Piggy Crash Mat™ is also perfect in and around your guinea pigs' den. Pop it in a corner or under a cover and you'll probably find your guinea pigs retreating there with food or kicking back on it for a wellearned power nap!


We didn't want any piggy missing out, so we decided to go the extra mile and make our bed super-sized. This means it is suitable for any sized guinea pig, from babies to fully grown boars. 

HayPigs!® Circus Hidey Hut™ - Fleece Hidey Hut

A snug and secure hideaway for your guinea pigs, ideal for use in their den, during floor time and outside:

It's a hideaway

The natural behaviour of guinea pigs is to seek cover. This goes back to the days when they lived in the wild and would find crevices and burrows to hide in from predators. It's why they love tunnels and huts, it makes them feel secure. And it's why it is important that your guinea pigs have things to hide under, which reduces their stress levels and makes them feel safe.

The Circus Hidey Hut™ is perfect for hiding out in. Whether it's a quick spot to hide from danger, a place to take a yummy chunk of carrot and stop the other pigs getting it, or a safe and secure haven for a sleep, your pigs will love using this hut.

It's cosy and warm

Made from padded polar fleece, the Circus Hidey Hut™ is very snug and warm, making it an ideal place for guinea pigs to curl up in.

It's hygienic

As we all know, our little darlings love to poo and wee (a lot!) and lying in your own mess is never a good idea! But for some reason, our piggies love to do it (or are simply too lazy to pick another spot to lie in!) And that's why a guinea pig's home needs to be regularly cleaned and freshened up. With the Circus Hidey Hut™ we provide two pee pads. These fit in the base of the hut and help absorb some of the guinea pig wee inevitably dispensed there. Handily, these pads are interchangeable, so while one is in the wash, the other one can be in the hut. This helps keep the hut cleaner.

It's safe to machine wash

The hut and pee pads are all machine washable, which we hope you'll agree is a godsend for busy pig parents! For drying we recommend hanging the hut on a washing line or propping it on a radiator.

It squashes flat

One of the issues of many existing hidey hut designs is that they are fairly rigid. While this does hold the shape well, it isn't terribly practical for storage. The Circus Hidey Hut™ squashes flat and can be reformed without creasing. While it will stay upright most of the time, expect your cheeky piggies to tip it over from time to time. This is all part and parcel of being a pig. If they think it works better on its side they'll actively look to rearrange it!

It's a magic transporter!

Sometimes after a day out in the run, your piggies just don't want to be caught (and who would when you're having so much fun?!) A neat little trick to help in this situation is to encourage them to seek refuge in the Circus Hidey Hut™. By removing the other items around and about, your guinea pigs will naturally search out somewhere to hide. Once inside, you can carefully pick the whole hut up with your piggy inside and magically transport them back to their den. Obviously care needs to be taken to upturn the entrance and hold them snugly in your arm, but we do find this is fairly stress free process for you guinea pigs if your having trouble catching them!