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An introduction to our section entitled ‘All About Piggies’, an informative and fun look at the history of guinea pigs, including how they got their name.

All About Guinea Pigs

intro - we love guinea pigs!

So, you love guinea pigs right?! We guessed so! They are just the cutest, fluffiest balls of love though aren't they? Such inquisitive, quirky and complex characters, no two alike, all with their own personalities and foibles.  We think guinea pigs are awesome. And that's why we started HayPigs!®, to share our love for piggies, find ways to enhance and enrich their lives and provide a platform to share information and advice on how to enjoy life with guinea pigs to the full!

So maybe you have guinea pigs already or are thinking of getting them. Either way, you'll find bags of advice and tips on this website.

What's in a name?

Ever actually wondered why guinea pigs are called 'guinea' 'pigs'? Help us solve the mystery here.


Do you know where guinea pigs come from and how they ended up being one of the most popular pets in Europe? Find out more here.


Thinking of getting guinea pigs yourself? Check out our useful checklist here to see if you're ready to be a pig mum or dad.