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Treats & Snacks

Healthy treats and snacks for guinea pigs and other small animals.

Rosewood Snap 'n' Share Vegetable Bar 125g


Rosewood Snap 'n' Share Vegetable Bar 125g


Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas and all other small rodents

Sharing is caring right?! It's a shame guinea pigs are so bad at it! That's clearly why Rosewood decided to invent this product! This deliciously crispy treat bar (enriched with healthy vegetables, seeds and herbs) can divided up by simply snapping it apart. Perfect for pigs on the go as a supplementary snack to make it through to dinner time.

DISCLAIMER: Despite the fact that this product is designed for sharing, we cannot guarantee your piggies will do so (in fact, they are more likely to squabble over their buddies bar than take the one they are given!). If a food fight ensues, we recommend crossing your arms, shaking your head and tutting.

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  • 100% natural ingredients.

  • Free from cereals and other unnecessary bulking ingredients.



As treats go, this is a very healthy snack so can be enjoyed as and when as part of a balanced piggy diet.



Vegetables (pea flour, carrot), seeds ( grass seed, canary seed, buckwheat seed, hemp seed, linseed, fennel seed, black cumin,), herbs (peppermint, parsley, dandelion, nettle,) edible flower (hibiscus) vegetable starch.