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Treats & Snacks

Healthy treats and snacks for guinea pigs and other small animals.

Rosewood Fenugreek Crunchies 200g


Rosewood Fenugreek Crunchies 200g


Suitable for all small animals but especially Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Aromatic, crunchy treats containing fenugreek seed which is well known in naturopathy and has the benefit of being a natural, appetite stimulant.

Like all hard, crispy treats these crunchies will also help to wear growing teeth.  Ideal for all Small Animals, but especially Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

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We suggest feeding these as a treat as part of a balanced diet. 1-3 discs a day tops. Please do not over feed or leave out in a bowl.



We recommend that these snacks are enjoyed during lap time cuddling and are a perfect complement to our Piggy Crashmat™. Spending time hand-feeding your piggies will help you bond with them and you'll both get a lot of enjoyment out of it!



Corn, fenugreek seed.