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Guinea Pig Circus™ Enrichment Toys

Circus themed enrichment toys for guinea pigs and other small animals.

HayPigs!® Piggy Crash Mat™ - Fleece Bed


HayPigs!® Piggy Crash Mat™ - Fleece Bed


An extra large cosy polar fleece guinea pig bed - perfect for lap time snuggling! Pee resistant to help avoid any 'accidents' should your pigs get a little too relaxed! The bed is machine washable.

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  • Part of the HAYPIGS!® GUINEA PIG CIRCUS range

  • Provides your guinea pigs with a snug haven to cuddle up in - great for lap time petting

  • Suitable for guinea pigs of all ages and sizes

  • Pee resistant and machine washable

  • Also suitable Degus, Rats, Rabbits and Pet Hedgehogs


Before giving this product to your precious piggies, please remove all packaging and retain for future reference. Please supervise your piggies while using this product. If the product becomes damaged, please refrain from using it further. This product is made from non-toxic materials.