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Tasty and stimulating natural forages for guinea pigs and other small animals.

Rosewood Ginkgo Plus 75g


Rosewood Ginkgo Plus 75g


Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and Chinchillas

This unique blend of gingko leaves, green oat and aaron's rod is rich in bioflavonoids, all hugely beneficial to the health of your piggies! What’s more, if your piggies are anything like our lot, they will find this mix truly irresistible!

The Ginkgo leaves within this blend are taken from the Ginkgo Biloba Tree, one of the oldest trees in the World. Used in Chinese medicine, Ginkgo is believed to improve circulation and support healthy cognitive function.

All in all, this is a deliciously wholesome snack that will add variety to your piggies day.

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  • High in beneficial bioflavonoids.

  • Helps recreate a natural foraging environment which is great enrichment for your piggies and will improve their wellbeing.

  • 100% natural ingredients.



Can be fed daily. Try sprinkling in hay and hiding in toys and tunnels.



Ginkgo leaves, green oat, aaron's rod.