ChewyChewsUK Forage Cup & Flower Sachets (2pc)

ChewyChewsUK Forage Cup & Flower Sachets (2pc)

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Hand-made, healthy treats, produced by a UK family business, grain-free, seed-free, 100% natural.

2 beetroot forage cups, accompanied by x1 natural rose flower sachet and x1 Marigold flower sachet. To be poured into the cup, used for both a treat and enrichment. A beetroot & mixed herb base containing lots of herbs and flowers. Multiple health benefits (see Key Benefits tab).

Size (per cup): 7cm x 7cm

Cups per bag: 2 | Forage sachets per bag: 2


ChewyChewsUK, founded by Gigi & Billy, is a family-owned business based in Essex, UK. They hand-make and bake, a range of delicious healthy treats for small furries. What's more, all their treats are 100% natural, seed & grain free, and packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. 

  • Contains both prebiotic and probiotic, assisting with gut health.

  • Contributes to small furries teeth, vital organs and overall health & wellbeing.

  • Contains multiple vitamins including natural vitamin C.

  • Does not have any oats, grains or harmful ingredients.

  • Great for keeping teeth trim, due to its crunchy exterior. 


Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.


Feed 1 cup per day per small furry as part of a balanced diet. Please do not overfeed.


We recommend that these snacks are enjoyed during lap time cuddling and are a perfect complement to our Piggy Crashmat™. Spending time hand-feeding your small furries will help you bond with them and you'll both get a lot of enjoyment out of it!


Guinea Pig Pellet, Spinach, Beetroot, Banana, Parsley, Pea Flakes, Gram Flour/ Pea Flour, Mixed Herbs, Carrot, Timothy Hay, Meadow Fescue, Sweet Vernal Grasses, Marigold Flowers, Dandelion and Nettle.