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Breed Types

A guide to guinea pig breed types. Includes the American Short-haired, the Abyssinian, Peruvian, Silkie, Teddy, Rex, Texel, Crested, Himalayan and Skinny Pig.

Short Haired.jpg


The America Short-haired guinea pig is the most common breed of guinea pig and arguable the most iconic. As the name suggests, this piggy has short, tight fur that requires very little grooming. Generally, America Short-haired guinea pigs make great pets for children, as they enjoy being handled, are very passive in nature and get on well with other piggies.

At HayPigs!® we have two America Short-haired guinea pigs, Nutmeg and Neptune.

APPEARANCE: Short-haired with smooth fur.

ALTERNATIVE NAMES: English Short-haired.

FUN FACTS: This is the oldest and most common breed of guinea pig in the world.

PERSONALITY: Known for being good natured and affectionate.

HANDLING: Generally very passive in nature so ideal for children.

GROOMING: Do not require regular grooming. Occasional brushing will suffice. 



Another of the older breeds, the Abyssinian guinea pig has been recorded as far back as the 16th century. They are known for their characteristic medium length hair, that appears in swirls all over their body (called rosettes). Often a cheeky and curious, this breed can be fabulous fun. They do tend to be more energetic than the American Short-haired guinea pigs, so can be a bit trickier to handle (especially for children). Regular grooming is recommended, not only to remove debris from their fur, but to also check on their health. Sadly, their beautiful fur can hide potential health problems such as cysts and abscesses which Abyssinian's do seem a little more prone to getting.

At HayPigs!® we have two Abyssinian guinea pigs, Crunchie and Indiana. 

APPEARANCE: Tufts of mid-length hair in swirls known as rosettes.

ALTERNATIVE NAMES: Nicknamed an 'Aby'.

FUN FACTS: Abyssinian guinea pigs do not know the phrase "bad hair day" - the 'just out of bed' look is permanent!

PERSONALITY: Known for being cheeky, confident and curious.

HANDLING: Generally easy to handle as they like the attention, but can be a little energetic!

GROOMING: Reasonably regular grooming required. 3-4 times a week ideally.



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